Wedge Travel is a private travel club that allows you to discreetly & securely share fractionally owned, chartered or privately owned aircraft with trusted travelers. Using a patented platform, members are able to plan trips and effortlessly exchange funds associated with private travel. 

Network, Share & Collect

Maintain your little black book of nominated members, be they family, friends, or colleagues. Invite guests to join. Manage all your bookings, announce upcoming trips & easily recover expenses (flights, hotels, ground transport etc) using simple payment tools from iOS devices. 

Save Money

The RevShare® service gives you a means to quickly and courteously recover the expenses of your trips while preserving your relationships. Your fellow travelers will be sent requests for payment and if needed, automatic reminders. They can easily pay using their Wedge Travel account.

Keep Accurate Tax Records

The service makes it simple to track expenses, so as the IRS continues to scrutinize private aviation travel, you can rest assured that your travel expenses will be accurate.


Protect Yourself

Since you don’t have time to learn all the rules, let our FAA Wizard™ do the work for you. You’ll be given the correct FAA regime for each trip as well as records to ensure your travel expenses and plans meet current regulations

Save Time

Reduce your trip planning from hours to minutes with our OnDemand® planning tool. User-friendly interface makes communicating easy, record-keeping simple and accurate. Using our FAA WizardTM, you can ensure your trips stay within the letter of the law.

Use Any Service Provider

The Wedge complements any aviation services provider, whether it’s fractional, charter, pre-paid card or your own plane. You can track your usage across operators and manage all your trip costs, including reporting on all your aviation spending